I am blogging much more in my head these…

I am blogging much more in my head these days and way less on paper. Even lesser on WordPress. Ah, well.
Politics and violence have been happening so fast in the country that I feel alienated. See, in Lebanon, you grow up to be either so immersed in politics you become an idiot, or totally alienated from politics you become an idiot. Truth is, in Lebanon, you will always be an idiot when it comes to politics. Everyone else is a genius. YOU are NOT.

Today was the first time I googled immigration. It was more to tease my Mom, on the surface. But the truth is I am also scared. A friend told me it is not selfish to leave a place that is insecure to another place where you can be safe and practice what you love. What I love is screenwriting. I can practice it anywhere. But a bit more security and safety in this small country wouldn’t be bad at all, now, would it?


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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