Been following up the events in Egypt. P…

Been following up the events in Egypt. People want the president (Mubarak) down. And maybe not so out of a sudden, I got very enthusiastic and took part in the E-revolution on Twitter and Facebook. I didn’t mean to become a news agency or anything, but several of my friends started sending me messages to “thank me for the coverage” or ask me “where did I disappear for two hours” when the updates stopped.
I was happy that my friends in the United States took note of what’s going on and actually got to know more about issues we suffer from in the Arab World.
My friend Ryan sent me a message earlier today asking if it was ok to use some of my status updates RE: Egypt in a poem. The thought had never occurred to me that some political events in status updates on facebook could become poems, but the heck, why not!

Here’s what Ryan said to elaborate, and I quote:

“It’s just so striking. Facebook is typically such a superficial thing, but occasionally something so serious happens that invades the mundane. Like, for instance, a friend of mine died of cancer a little over a year ago, and now her facebook wall is a memorial to her. People still post messages to it. I turned that into a found poem a couple weeks ago.

And now, with all that’s going on in Egypt over the last week: my newsfeed has been all of the usual mundane stuff–what people ate for breakfast, people complaining about the weather, people thanking god for something stupid and unimportant–mixed in with your updates about people facing tanks and tear gas to gain basic freedoms. It really throws into sharp relief the absurdity of much of American culture.”

And now I’m gonna post this before the electricity goes out here in our beautiful city of Beirut! Boy, don’t we love it 🙂


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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