I had to read the post below to…

I had to read the post below to remind myself of the BS I write sometimes.

Been a while I didn’t blog. I am mostly blogging now just to break this “long break”. I got myself busy with teaching and festivals and writing and STUFF. ScriptFrenzy is surely a good thing to get yourself busy with writing a new draft.

I tried a getaway to Ghazzeh (Bekaa) on Friday but failed miserably. Ended up arriving on Saturday afternoon with a group. I might try to do it again on Thursday and stick around till Sunday. That might boost the writing. If I manage to take the right DVDs it’ll sure be a blast for moi on the viewing level as well.

Beirut, on the other hand, embraced a new demonstration today. An anti-war demo. The “anniversary” of the civil war is coming soon in few days. How I hate its memory. How I hate to hear it mentioned. How I hate anything that has to do with it.


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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