Hello world Few days ago I watched a…

Hello, world!
Few days ago I watched a documentary film by Carole Mansour “All for the Nation” (Kollona lil Watan), which happens to be the title of the Lebanese National Anthem.
The documentary is about the plight of Lebanese women to give their kids and non-Lebanese spouses the Lebanese nationality.
It was really sad (& funny honestly) to see people struggling to get the Lebanese nationality. I mean, no kidding? You want the Lebanese passport? Para que? You want to fight for a passport go fight for a “respectable” one. No offense to those proud Lebanese passport holders. I have a Lebanese passport and truth is I am not proud of it. The truth sucks most of the time though. And I should be happy because at least I have a passport unlike some other people who don’t. Of course. I am grateful for having a passport. I am just not so proud of it and that’s totally my right.


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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