As I start writing this the time on…

As I start writing this, the time on my Mac reads 10:48 AM
The electricity is supposed to go off at 12:00 sharp. They’re usually never late to take it away. And neither late to bring it back, because they have to be on time with cutting it off on another place right?
Dear Electricity, please don’t go today. The weather is so hot and with Ramadan here, we’re waking up thirsty enough. Please stay. I’ll be real glad if you do. I promise to read the pages of my novel and to sleep as I usually do when you’re gone. I don’t care about the traffic lights. These can stay off so the taxi drivers can breathe for few hours a day. Actually I don’t know why I care and why am I begging you to stay when the people are not staying. Leaving is always easier, innit? Or maybe I should ask God instead of asking you?

Dear God, please keep our electricity on. Oh, the government?