No more Teta Grandma And for my mom…

No more Teta (Grandma). And for my mom, no more Mother.

We made lots of coffee today at Teta’s house. And we also ate lots of food.
None of which she cooked. None of which she tasted.

And there were many people who cared about her. She gathered them all but she wasn’t there to greet them. Like this my Grandma. She prefers to play it cool, all the time. All the time.

Jeddo is heartbroken. Khalto, my auntie, is like an innocent child whose mother’s hand was snatched away. I feel blessed to be near Mommy. And I secretly and selfishly hope that she is feeling our presence with her, by her side, because she is so precious.

I look back at the memories that Teta left with us and I smile. They are all good memories. Very romantic, when you actually come to think of them. She was always smiling. And I can’t but believe that she is still smiling 🙂


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

2 thoughts on “No more Teta Grandma And for my mom…”

  1. الله يرحمها والحمد لله عند ربها الذي هو ارحم من الام على ولدها بس فقد الاحبة غربة والله بأجرنا في مصيبتنا ويختم لنابخير ويجمعنا عنده في عليين ان شاء الله
    I think she felt that we were in her ajer ….. True she didnt cook or serve or eat but she taughht us how to cok ,serve ,and eat .i just ask Allah to give us patience ajr … A leaf from the tree fell , now the leaves of this branch are all down she was the last.. A new leaf will fall from a new branch who knows who is it but SURE all leaves will fall at the END


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