The Itani Flat in the Itani Building

Few evenings ago, a young man knocked our door. I was in my room working on a document but I heard the conversation that happened between my brother and the delivery person.

– Who are you looking for?

– Itani family. First floor.

– Yes, this is the Itani family on the first floor but we didn’t order anything.

– Is this Itani building?

– Yes. What’s the address you’ve got?

– Itani family, Itani building, first floor.

I was laughing but felt sorry for the guy. He’ll probably have to enter every single building on the street checking which first floor Itani family ordered something. Every other building in this neighborhood is a Itani building. And every other household is a Itani household. So, bon chance!

The next day, another young man knocks -he didn’t knock actually coz I was about to close the door when he approached and asked,

– Fakhani delivery?

– Not here.

– Is this Itani building? (yes) Itani family? (not again!)

– Did they give you any other detail about the building? Is there a shop facing it? Below?

– Itani shop.

Aaaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhh. Whoever the idiot who is ordering stuff on Labban street in Hamra and using ITANI only as a reference to everything needs to grow up please. I am half joking and half serious, but please some maturity in giving these young men addresses to deliver your dinner in the rain!


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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