Lebanese Oil & Elecco

So apparently, “Lebanon floats on oil.” Whaaaa?

My mom said Lebanon floats on oil. And the first thing that came to my mind is; Great! This is the last thing we needed. Like we don’t have enough things for politicians to fight about. But, “No,” she said, “It is actually bringing the politicians together”. Because, legend has it that Israel -THE enemy- has set up a pipe (I am almost confident it is an L-shaped huge straw) and is sucking the petroleum. So the Lebanese politicians have to man up and unite, because if they don’t do it in time [like in a million years?] Israel will have sucked ALL the oil before they take action.

Yesterday, the electricity (codename Elecco) went off suddenly for an hour in the evening. It was a great window for us to experience Roman customs, so we had dinner. While Elecco was off, I yelled out to my grandfather to ask him what I thought will be a funny question. I said, “Jiddo! Do you think that when Hamood and Mohyiddine (my 2-year-old nephews) grow up, Elecco will be on 24 hours a day?” Jiddo tilted his head up, “No.” No, he said. I only wanted to make him smile, I swear. But his reply = I sad.

I never wanted to have children in this country so I’m not really worried about them. I still feel bad that future kids won’t have electricity when they grow up. BUT, for a total diversion and on another happy note, let’s think out loud:

When Elecco goes out, all electric and many electronic devices become only worth the matter they’re made of. People are left either with each other or with themselves. That in itself is a great luxury. Family members get to see each other, your eyes relax a little bit, you can catch up on your reading, organize your desk or closet, or take a nap. So don’t BITCH ABOUT ELECTRICITY GOING OFF you never-grateful-insects. Who are we to protest? Oh and, honestly, tell me this: How many times a day do you feel as happy as when Elecco comes back? This is our daily happy moment from our government. Thank you our government, for in our sadness and misery, no one else remembers us on a daily basis but you. You make us smile and yell happily day in day out, “Ijit l Kahraabaaa w ijit l kahraaba!” (Elecco is back! Elecco is Back!)


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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