Super.Full. Stories – Day 1: Chronicles of a short film

December 2010 was not the happiest December in my life. I had been suffering from a tennis shoulder injury for years by then, and chose to leave the comfort of my Doha luxurious life to the chaotic life of an indie filmmaker in Beirut. After five years of independence I was now coming back to my parents house. Mostly because that is a good way not to starve as an independent filmmaker. I didn’t have a job at the time and I wasn’t looking. But I had a plan: Rewrite my feature film and make it (NB: that is something NOT as easily done as thought).

My best friends from older days mostly live and work abroad. My sisters had all gotten married in my years of expatriat-ism. I am an introvert. You get the gist.

The doctor diagnosed my shoulder with a rotator cuff tear and December was operation month. And operation meant an arm sling for twelve weeks, limited movement, and physiotherapy. Stuck at home, my physiotherapist doctor becoming my only friend, I spent almost all of December and January researching festivals I could send Super.Full. to.

My festival search included: First find the festivals that the film qualifies for, second check the festival requirements, third write the festivals asking for fee waivers using my exotic location and film story/theme/etc… (whatever worked really), fourth wait for responses, fifth send the film and whatever needed material… In short, it is a pain in the butt process perfect for a bed ridden jobless filmmaker (if you find one, grab them!)

I was being ambitious and a bit over-confident. But sometimes that helps. I looked up the process by which short films qualify for Oscar Nominations (If you’re a filmmaker you know you wanna do that -if you haven’t already). I wrote down the festival names and looked them all up then chose some. Then I started submitting based on the results of the painful procedure above. I had to wait few months and receive multiple rejections from known and unknown film festivals.

But I knew rejection is part of the process. My graduate school teachers are to thank for that -mostly. All I need is one YES. And the Yes came! After a long time, on the morning of Wednesday, March 30th 2011, but it came. It was an email from a Mr. Dan Doody and it was not a hoax! It was from the Academy Award Qualifying Seattle International Film Festival, the largest film festival in the United States of America no less. And they wanted to screen Super.Full.

And the first thing that came to my mind when I read the email was, “Oh. The film must be good after all”.

That was our first yes, and then there were more “Yes”s and more “No”s. But the first yes is where the festival stories started. And they still have not ended for this short film made with passion and dedication of a beautiful group of people.

Today, you can support Super.Full. on Your Film Festival : A vote a day can make this filmmaker’s dream come true!

And tune in here to read a new story about Super.Full.’s journey every day.

SIFF Super.Full. Invitation
SIFF Super.Full. Invitation

Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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