For those in Denial – Once More

Minister of Energy Tweets
Minister of Energy Tweets

Yesterday, after a long day of repeated Electricity blackouts in our supposedly prestigious neighborhood of Hamra, I sat down checking twitter for the latest crap happening in Lebanon mainly. Besides the usual roads blocked and tires burnt and electricity blackouts, there was this UNusual tweet from our Minister of Energy.

Now I’ve long known that many many Lebanese people live in denial. For me, I don’t like it but I can’t blame them. After all, denial is simply a coping mechanism, and some people don’t have a choice but to live in denial.

But when a minister in the government tweets a statement like the one above, it made me directly pity him. Not because he thinks Lebanon is not the worst country. I agree, it’s not. But to say “any country” is worse than Lebanon is just plain arrogance. I wanted to say many things to Mr. Bassil when I replied to that tweet. But I know he probably has more important things than me to think of. He’s busy getting us ships with electricity on their board to light our houses. Or maybe he went offline because the electric current at his home went off. Maybe he was late coz he got stuck in one of those horrible traffics caused by the burning tire gangs here and there and everywhere. I wanted to tell him that I have lived in the US and it was better than Lebanon. And I lived in Qatar and -surprise- it was better than Lebanon. I have visited many many countries, and -WTF- they were ALL better than Lebanon. Even Tanzania was better. It had fresh air.

Today, our electricity here in Hamra has gone off 4 times already. The roads are blocked in more than one district of the country. People are divided about a conflict in Syria and blind of our problems inside Lebanon because each of their leaders has a ministry to suck off its goody goodies. There is no tourism. The people hate each other and hate their jobs -if they have one. The level of stress among citizens is very high -if only because of the traffic. But, hey, if you want to leave all this beauty and go, no problem. You will discover, sooner or later, that Lebanon was better.



Do you leave the country for those who’ll never wake up or do you stay and strive for change inside?