Once more I come back to my space. Not because I have something specific to say.
Months have passed by, life happens fast these days.

Beirut has become a very busy city. I never imagined the city can take more people than before but today it has for real taken in hundreds of thousands of refugees. The streets are crammed with cars from Syria and the sidewalks are always busy around Hamra. If you ignore the faces and the looks, you’d think this is a very popular tourist destination. You’d think this is the pearl of the east or the Switzerland of the Orient. But it isn’t. “This. Is. Sparta!”

I have not succeeded in my quest to build a relationship with the city. I love my places here. Places that connect me to my passions really. Film, Coffee, Writing, People, Theater, Food…Video Chico, Cafe Younes, De Prague in the mornings, Gulbenkian in the evenings, and my mother’s kitchen whenever I am hungry.

But I don’t have a connection with the place, with Beirut. And, in a way, I like that.


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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