The Other Lebanese Citizen

Today, I came across the only other Lebanese citizen, besides myself, who waits at pedestrian traffic lights.

Suddenly, there was hope for this country again. Suddenly, the human race wasn’t so bad anymore and the future looked much brighter.

Amazing how small things like that can change the whole day for you. This stranger just made my day and possibly my week.

If you are another Lebanese citizen who respects pedestrian traffic lights, please announce yourself. And please encourage others to do the same.

I love you!


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

One thought on “The Other Lebanese Citizen”

  1. My wife (who is of Lebanese ancestry) and I spent 10 days in Beirut with her aunt in 2011. The traffic situation scared me, I would never attempt to drive in Lebanon.


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