Snazzy Bazaar

My newest venture & adventure in life is Snazzy Bazaar.

It is a very exciting and crazy step for me but these crazy steps have been the highlights of life so far – Thanks to my family and friends around me who always seem to accept my craziness, for good or bad.

The first major crazy thing I did in my life was stand on the balcony of the fifth floor in Beirut in 1999 and scream out loud to celebrate getting accepted into the NYU Tisch School of Arts for an MFA in Dramatic Writing, when I was 19 years old.  At that time, given the then very serious person that I was, it was a truly crazy deed (the screaming from the balcony).

In 2005, I did the second major crazy thing when I decided to leave my family & friends behind and go to work for Al Jazeera in Qatar. That prompted the third major crazy thing, when…

In 2010, I decided to leave my job to pursue an independent filmmaking career in Beirut. This was the beginning of placeless films and many great memories that I will hopefully be making for a long time with my friend and superstar producer, Lara.

In 2015, I took another crazy decision when my friend Vidya and I decided to sell everything we have and pack our lives and move to Puerto Rico – a place neither of us had visited before.

Today, as I recall all these great thrills, I feel grateful and lucky to have parents, siblings and friends who are able to put up with my craziness. In a few years, I will be doing another major crazy thing (still have to find out what it is) and I will be telling more stories inshallah.