Weapons of Mass Creativity

Iraqi and Cambodian Artists turn war metal leftovers to works of art

By: Niam Itani, Co-Founder at Snazzy Bazaar

Growing up during the Lebanese Civil War, which officially ended more than 25 years ago, I am constantly amazed at how that war continues to define me as a human being.  The war has left an everlasting mark on me. I tried to get rid of its traces for many years, but eventually I surrendered and embraced the fact that it will always shape who I am.  This is why I find myself in awe of people who are able to rise above war and even try to undo its effects.

Sinoeun Men from Cambodia and Fattah Mohammad from Iraq do that on a daily basis. Both men have lived many years of conflict in their own countries, and today they are dedicated to creative initiatives that transform material war remnants into works of art.

Read Full Original Post at: https://www.snazzybazaar.com/blogs/news/weapons-of-mass-creativity


Author: Niam

Storyteller, Award Winning Filmmaker, Digital Nomad

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