Happy “Invisible Labor” Day

Because everybody was congratulating everybody today for Labor Day, I decided to chime in. Happy Labor Day.

I worked my butt off today just like most people who do their own gigs and struggling independent artists. The holiday didn’t really mean much to me. Although it certainly felt good that streets were calm and empty, everybody was resting. Awesome. Rest, rest. To be honest, I don’t think people in the Arab world get tired at their jobs, for the most part. So I am totally indifferent whether we get the day off or not. Most of them go to their offices to show up, do a minimal effort that keeps them from getting fired then earn a salary. So, yeah, whatever, Labor.

But one person did not rest today. That person is my mother. And your mother. To these people, invisible workers who do the toughest job of all, I decided to say Happy Labor Day today, like, for real.

So to my mother, your mother, and all stay-at-home mothers who go out of their way to raise their children, who work 24/7 whether its a work day, holiday, school day, or Sunday; to the mothers who wake up at any time of night or day to tend to our silly questions and funny complaints, to them higher souls with big hearts that don’t tire of loving and accepting us whatever crazy sh*t we do, to all mothers, whether they are with us or in a better world, I heartily dedicate this Labor Day. Which I know won’t be a holiday for them. It will probably be a tougher “work” day because everybody’s home.

As for the rest of us, you and me and the rest who work their butts off, sleep tonight and wake up early tomorrow ye smart ones for another “Happy” “Labor” “Day”.


No more Teta Grandma And for my mom…

No more Teta (Grandma). And for my mom, no more Mother.

We made lots of coffee today at Teta’s house. And we also ate lots of food.
None of which she cooked. None of which she tasted.

And there were many people who cared about her. She gathered them all but she wasn’t there to greet them. Like this my Grandma. She prefers to play it cool, all the time. All the time.

Jeddo is heartbroken. Khalto, my auntie, is like an innocent child whose mother’s hand was snatched away. I feel blessed to be near Mommy. And I secretly and selfishly hope that she is feeling our presence with her, by her side, because she is so precious.

I look back at the memories that Teta left with us and I smile. They are all good memories. Very romantic, when you actually come to think of them. She was always smiling. And I can’t but believe that she is still smiling 🙂