Things have been bad in town, after all….

Things have been bad in town, after all. During these two days, our destiny may be gearing towards war or peace. Most likely towards war though. Whether on the short-run or the long-run.
After working on the documentary series of “Al-Nakba” with my friend Rawan Damen ( I now truly believe that the Zionists do not want peace. I am stressing Zionism here because it is totally different than saying “Israel doesn’t want peace”. We grow up and we learn. But our leaders and many of our people don’t do that. Sadly enough.
The same conspiracies and lies which Arabs fell for during the 1910s are happening again. What makes me aware of our stupidity is that we see these things. In the 1910s people didn’t have any means of communication to alert their presidents and governors and tribe leaders. But today? We SEE these things as they take place in front of our eyes and we hear them with our ears, and yet, we fall for them blindly.