What a Wonderful World!

Three major Gulf countries, namely Saudi, Qatar & UAE, admitted that they have been funding people on both sides of the conflict in Syria with money & weapons. The three gulf states held a joint press conference in Damascus earlier today, and apologized to the Syrian people. Qatar said it will cancel plans to build its sub-merged resort, The Amphibious 1000, and hand the $500 million to Syrian farmers. UAE said it will share half the profit of the Dubai Expo2020 they just won the bid for, while Saudi pledged a “carte blanche” commitment to the rebuilding of Syria and its infrastructure. The gulf states added that for every personal weapon they supplied during the past three years, they will pay to educate ten students from preschool to high school.

In Lebanon, most political leaders felt embarrassed when they saw what the Gulf countries did. Since the country has no ability to donate anything really, the ministers submitted permanent resignation from political life and returned all the money they stole from the public taxes or that they had obtained through shady transactions.

Thousands of Lebanese & Syrian citizens took to the streets of Lebanese cities and towns in joy. In a very post modernistic fashion, not a single bullet was fired during these celebrations. The people carried balloons and distributed Baklava to the passers by.

What a wonderful world…it would be.

Today was a funny day Funny because …

Today was a funny day. Funny because “The worst calamity is the one that makes you laugh”. I rarely meddle into politics. Partly because I KNOW -yes it is a fact- that it is a dirty field. There are no clean politicians. There are just less dirty ones. And I mostly hate politics because I like to think of myself as an artist. A person who can see and appreciate BEAUTY in its purest and most basic forms. And there is no beauty in politics.

So, today was a funny day because I happened to hear the news more than once, through word of mouth and the radio in my father’s car, and the tweets and my facebook page. I noticed how miserable must these people be who are arguing about who did what first, just like children. And then I realized that these people are actually the entities that rule us.

Old as it may be, I have terrible hatred to war. Warlords who are in government and parliament are way beyond my human understanding. I just can’t accept the fact that people who ruined our sleep for years when we were kids are now trying to make our country better. That simply doesn’t add. No matter how hard you try to trust them – if you can actually get to the “trying to trust them” stage.

And then there is the issue of our Lebanese pride. We are proud people. We don’t deny it. We actually brag about it. I brag about it. We are educated, open minded, intelligent, beautiful people who know how to live and how to party. So, in this moment of listening to the news today, I told myself, “How is it that these educated, intelligent, open minded, beautiful people have CRIMINALS and murderers ruling them?” That also doesn’t add, whatsoever. For a fraction of a second, I felt bad that I had never tried to understand politics. But then I remembered that politics is dirty EVERYwhere, not only here. But then again, people in America have politicians ruling them but at least they get their basic needs supplied to them – even if they think their country sucks. They have not been here to see the chaos we live in. And during that moment, I felt so bitter.

We think we are better than Syrians. We think we are better than Egyptians. We think we are better than all the Arabs in the GCC countries because we are actually the ones who run their countries for them. We think we are better than the ajenib (foreigners) who can’t locate Beirut on a map. We think we are better than almost ANY human being on the face of this earth. I pray, tell me then, o’brave beautiful intelligent open minded people: How come we’ve got a mob of war criminals and thieves governing our daily lives to the guts?

That -on its own- makes us worse than all of them. We disgust Me.

Finally, Mubarak is DOWN and spirits are UP!…

Finally, Mubarak is DOWN and spirits are UP! No more long nights on twitter and facebook waiting for speeches full of bs. Funny is whenever I follow politics I assure myself more and more it is a totally unhealthy thing for me to do. But Egypt was an exception for many reasons that some may know and some may not.
Now we’re back in our good old Lebanon. It is old really. Not as good as it is old though.
I am still living in the body of an expat in this city, so I can love it.
My new mission is to make beautiful memories in it and erase all the memories of the 80’s.
Onward and Upward!

I am blogging much more in my head these…

I am blogging much more in my head these days and way less on paper. Even lesser on WordPress. Ah, well.
Politics and violence have been happening so fast in the country that I feel alienated. See, in Lebanon, you grow up to be either so immersed in politics you become an idiot, or totally alienated from politics you become an idiot. Truth is, in Lebanon, you will always be an idiot when it comes to politics. Everyone else is a genius. YOU are NOT.

Today was the first time I googled immigration. It was more to tease my Mom, on the surface. But the truth is I am also scared. A friend told me it is not selfish to leave a place that is insecure to another place where you can be safe and practice what you love. What I love is screenwriting. I can practice it anywhere. But a bit more security and safety in this small country wouldn’t be bad at all, now, would it?