Well, today I met a dog in Hamra. A real…

Well, today I met a dog in Hamra. A real dog. No, really.
He was walking near HSBC and a man was playing with him. But I noticed that the dog didn’t have a leash and was a bit worried. With an arm sling and a dysfunctional shoulder, I was not looking for embarrassment involving myself and a dog. I noticed that other passers by were avoiding the sidewalk and choosing to walk on the street. It was a tough call. I finally decided to be brave and stay on the sidewalk. I thought the man will definitely keep the dog away.
To my horror, (the horror! the horror!), as soon as I came closer to the dog the man walked away! And I was going to be directly face to face with the – I now realized – STRAY dog. I freaked out, but I remained calm. The dog walked towards me and sniffed. I made way for him to pass, gesturing for him that, “Please, dude”. To my surprise, it didn’t touch my jeans and went on. I hurried up down the street exhaling happily.

Thats All, Folks!