Just walked back home on the streets of…

Just walked back home on the streets of Beirut with my good friend Lara. We saw a play/lecture by a very good Lebanese playwright and theater director “Rabih Mroueh”.
I had worked with Rabih once during the LAU theater festival some in 2001. I was the technical head at Irwin theater then and I operated the lights for many consecutive plays. It was a good year.
The first thing I noticed was the Rabih has aged. So I must have aged too.
The second thing is that someone else thinks about weird stuff like I do. War, Missing People, Shit, and more shit.
The third thing I noticed, and this was the most important, Beirut is beautiful at night. So alive and so pretty 🙂


For the first time yesterday, I saw a th…

For the first time yesterday, I saw a theater set being stricken down by students at my university, LAU, without having Mo’allem Youssef or Milad (God Bless His Soul) around. Seeing a totally different set of people working on the stage we always sweated on was a very spiritually enriching experience.
The play itself, however, was very bad!